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Everybody is aware of the existence of the dusty substance in stamina of flowers, which is called pollen, from the Greek "flour". Like the word flour, the word pollen lacks a plural form ; one speaks about different kinds of pollen (to say "pollens" is thus incorrect), or pollen grain, when speaking about single grains.

Here we will present you some data about the role that pollen plays in the reproduction of plants. Also we will discuss a number of particularities about pollen that can be very important for our daily life; think for example of pollen allergy.

Je kunt hieronder de verschillende delen van de site aanklikken

  1. Rol van het pollen in de voortplanting van de plant
  2. Pollen in bloemen en kegels
  3. Ontwikkeling van het pollen in de helmknoppen
  4. De rol bij de bevruchting van de plant
  5. Verspreiding van het pollen
  6. Het vóórkomen van pollen in de lucht
  7. Het bekijken en herkennen van pollenkorrels
  8. Verschillende soorten pollenkorrels
  9. Literatuur


Life cycle of human and seed plants (Angiosperms and Gymnosperms)


Life cycle of Gymnosperms

Lifecycle of gymnosperms



Architecture of the flower
Parts of the flower Lysimachia vulgaris
Mespilus germanica



Cones, reproductive scales and pollen in Gymnosperms (here: Pine)
Male strobilus, scale and pollen of pine 


3. Development of pollen in the anthers

Pollen development in the anthers
Pollen development in lily


Role of the pollen in the fertilization in plants


Double fertilzation in plants
Double fertilization in plants

Link to the IWF film by Erdelska and Heunert on double fertilization in plants
Click on an image to see a preview of the film by Dr. Olga Erdelska and Dr. Hans-Henning Heunert on double fertilization in plants (in snowdrop; Galanthus nivalis): embryo sac - sperm cells - fertilization of the egg cell - fertilization of the central cell - endosperm formation.
Source: site of the Institut fuër den Wissenschaftlichen Film IWF (Note: film can be purchased; preview images used with permission)


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