Who are we and where are we?
Webpages/Author/contact:Liesbeth Pierson Department (GI, FNWI)
Web-structure (i.e Lama scripts):Remco Aalbers (CNCZ; FNWI)
Contributions (photographs, drawings, advices, text and organization): 
Photography (360° panorama's, views of construction activities and practical courses and more): Dick van Aalst
Prof. dr. H.F. Linskens, dr. W.T.M. Thijssen, Mr G. Dekkers, Mr M. Kuppens (CNCZ), dr. J. Marijnissen (ExoSteunpunt), drs P.J.M. Timmermans (Faculty direction), Mrs E. Kersten (Purchasing), drs B.W. Bauland, Mr. G. Dekkers, Mrs L.R.W. van der Horst and Mrs H.J. Hiddink (Graphical Design & Photography), Ir R.M.M. van der Velden (IHZ), Stadsarchief Heerlen, BCM consultancy, AGS Architekten & Planners B.V. Heerlen, GTI nv, Bunnik  
Funds: Innovations funds pupils activities FNWI
Software:The panorama images and the viewer were made with the programs Panoweaver and Tourweaver of Easypano

last modified: 1 Jan 2014