3D Viewer Huygens building

Via a 3D-panorama viewer you can navigate interactively through the two wings of the Huygens building that were built first. You can "visit" rooms where bio-science students have most of their activities. On the right panel a map indicates your virtual location in the building: GO TO THE 3D VIEWER
3 D panorama viewer Huygens building (10 scenes)
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Photography: Dick van Aalst (GVF)
Uploading can take some time. Help menu in using the viewer and schematic map of parts of the Huygens building.

The viewer works with Java Runtime Environment plugins. Free download from Sun Microsystems or Apple: for Windows, Mac OS X en Mac OS 9 en eerdere versies.

Quicktime movies (mov format)
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Library desk (1976 KB)

Library reading room (1821 KB)

Central hall level 0 (2118 KB)

Students facilities (1639 KB)

Study room (1746 KB)

Lecture hall level 0 (1650 KB)

Practical courses hallfront side level 1 (1529 KB)

Practical courses hallrear side level 1 (1729 KB)

Central hall level 1 (2265 KB)

Laboratory level 2 (1782 KB)

Entry hall-canteen level 0 (2165 KB)


Rooms in the Huygens building

The first two wings of the Huygens building, which were ready in 2004, host lecture halls, terminal rooms, study hall, the science library and students/pupils and media facilities at the ground level. The halls where practical bio-courses are held are located on the first level. Research departments in the field of biology and chemistry are housed at level 1, 2 and 3. The domes of the 20 and 35 cm telescopes of the department of astrophysics show off on the roof. Wing 3 and 4 of the "Huygens" and the underground parking lots were finished in the course of 2006. Wings 3 and 4 provide space for departments of physics, mathematics, informatics, physics and chemistry, as well as for organization services. Considering the target group of this site, this first viewer concentrates on rooms of main relevance for the students in Bio-sciences.


last modified: 1 Aug 2012