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Overview of a radial section through the woody stem of pine

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1  cork 
3  cambium
4  xylem
5  growth ring
7  resin duct
8  pith
9  branch
2  phloem
6  xylem ray

English name: Pine
Scientific name: Pinus sp.
Familia: Pinaceae
Classis: Coniferopsida
Phylum: Gymnospermae
Regnum: Plantae
Cross-section through a woody stem with secondary growth. A vascular cambium has been formed which deposits xylem (to the internal side) and phloem (to the external side). The cork cambium under the epidermis forms cork to the outside. The bark contains all tissues outside the vascular cambium: phloem and cork layer.

last modified: 5 Jun 2014