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Cross-section through the leaf of an American privet


1  cuticle
3  palisade parenchyma
4  spongy parenchyma
5  lower epidermis
minor vascular bundle
8  collenchyma
2  upper epidermis
6  midvein

English name: American privet
Scientific name: Ligustrum sp.
Familia: Oleaceae
Classis: Dicotyledonas
Phylum: Angiospermae
Regnum: Plantae

The leaf of an American privet shows xeromorph adaptations (the plant is called a xerophyte). The leaf has a multilayered upper epidermis with a thick cuticle. The stomata are sunk and are confined to the underside of the leaf. Not only guard cells but also subsidiary cells contribute to the closing and opening of stomata. The vascular bundles are surrounded by supporting tissue (collenchyma).

last modified: 5 Jun 2014