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Tannin cells in the epidermis of Crassula ovata


cell containing tannin
3  intercellular space below stomata
vacuole of chlorenchym cell
5  chloroplasts
2  cell wall

English name: Jade plant, money tree
Scientific name: Crassula ovata
Familia: Crassulaceae
Classis: Dicotyledonas
Phylum: Angiospermae
Regnum: Plantae

The leaves of succulents like Crassula ovata often contain much water which makes them attractive as a potential source of water for animals in arid regions. To prevent being eaten by predators, these plants have evolved specialized cells that are filled with tannin, a bitter-tasting and poisonous substance. The tannin is located in the large central vacuole which has therefore a brownish aspect. Tannin and chlorophyll in chloroplasts show autofluorescence, as can be seen in a fluorescence microscopy view of the same cells.

last modified: 5 Jun 2014