The Radboud University welcomes candidates from abroad. Know that there is a growing number of programmes making studying in Nijmegen attractive for foreign students. Read more ...
The current site, the Virtual Classroom Biology, is not meant to be a helpdesk platform for students and their parents, but we would like to redirect those seeking information on studies to the right place. Future students living abroad (and their parents) who seek information on the (Medical) Biology studies in Nijmegen, can address their specific questions, e.g. on admission conditions, to Drs Conny Mooren (listed medewerkers at the educational office Bureau Onderwijs Biowetenschappen BOB). Mrs Mooren is in charge of the coordination for international exchanges and admissions to biosciences and she is also advisor for the master programmes in biosciences. You can also read further details on the entire bachelor and master tracks of the Nijmegen faculty of science in the study guides in English.
So close to the German border, The Radboud University Nijmegen has opened her doors to students from Germany. There are special introductory programmes for them and information pages in German: "Willkommen".
A first impression:

last modified: 1 Jan 2014