Laser microscopy: stereo-viewer

Stereo (anaglyph) projections have been assembled from a number of xyz-views collected with the confocal laser scanning microscope of the department of General Instrumentation. These views can be explored through this stereo viewer (Note: red-green stereo glasses are required to be able to see the depth effect; such glasses can be purchased on internet a.o.). On the next webpage information will be provided on stereo vision and 3D rendering, with the purpose to clarify the making of these views.

Anaglyph stereo microscopy viewer
Icon stereo viewer
stereo/anaglyph glasses
With red-green stereo glasses or looking through transparent red foil with one eye and green foil with the other eye a 3D effect can be visualized in the anaglyph stereo projections shown in this viewer.

(Note: the stereo effect can also be perceived by persons who are red-green color-blind, because due to the filters of the glasses, the left and right eye receive two different projections.)
Contributions from: F. van de Water, G. Flik, T. Kokhuis, T. Kozicz, K. van de Pas-Schoonen, J van de Vossenberg, M Schmid, S. van Genesen, W. Vriezen and E. Pierson

last modified: 17 Oct 2011