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Thallus, archegoniophore and gemmae of a liverwort

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3  mature archegoniophore
4  gemma cup
2  young archegoniophore

English name: A liverwort
Scientific name: Marchantia sp.
Familia: Marchantiaceae
Classis: Hepatopsida
Phylum: Hepatophyta
Regnum: Plantae
The haploid spores can germinate and form -haploid- thalli (singular thallus). These thalli get a function either as female (haploid) gametophyt on which archegoniophores develop, or as male (n) gametophyte on which antheridiophore arise. Besides, Marchantia has an asexual reproduction cycle that takes place by means of gemmae formed in gemma cups. The gemmae are splashed out by rain and grow out to descendent that are genetically identical to the original gametophyte.

last modified: 5 Jun 2014