What is the VCBIO ("Virtual Classroom Biology")?

The "Virtual Classroom Biology" is an educational site of the Radboud University Nijmegen, especially meant for secondary school students who wish to have a first glance on teaching items of the Bio-science programs in Nijmegen. The VCBIO site contains custom-made teaching material developed for courses in Bio-sciences in Nijmegen.

Teaching material about biology
Practical Information and trivia about the studies Biosciences in Nijmegen

The teaching material of the VCBIO site is utilized by the own students inBio-sciences of the Radboud University Nijmegen but it is also suited for lessons in classes or practical tutorials (pending ©):
  • In the IMAGE GALLERY about 500 original illustrations or photographs of microscopical slides are presented (with explanations!), which are used in the lab classes of the Bachelor Biosciences.
  • Under WEBMODULES a number of series can be found on topics of the Biology program, like Mitosis and Meiosis, Embryologie, Landscape and Nature around Nijmegen, Pollen and Allergy, the Microworld of Leaves, the Development of the Stem and now also the Life Cycles of Plants. There is also a module on Electron microscopy where one can watch examples of applications of this technique in scientific research.
  • Under CONTACT / © information can be found on the address of the Science faculty and how to reach it. More specifically about this site, one can find who the people are back-stage and who to contact for copyrights and image permissions issues.
  • http://www.vcbio.science.ru.nl/en/print/

    last modified: 13 Jul 2017