Self-test on mitotic stages

Here below you can find two plates of longitudinal sections through a rootlet of onion showing various cells in division.
  • Indicate in the left plate at least three different examples of each of the following mitotic stages (imaged zan be zoomed): prophase, metaphase, anaphase en telophase. To check wherther your answers are correct or not look at the same cell in the right panel; the color of the overlays indicate the stage: prophase = yellow, metaphase = orange, anaphase = greenish and telophase = purple. (Take also into consideration that the division process is a continuum and that therefor transitions between fases occur).
  • If one would assume that this length section is representative for the divion process in onion roots, which of the above process would last the shortest and why?


    Self test on meiostic stages

  • Recognize single meiotic stages from the microscopic plate here below (Source of images: Filip Cnudde, Radboud University Nijmegen). Biological materials: fluorescing DAPI staining of DNA in meiotic cells of Petunia hybrida). Click on the thumbnail images to get a zoomed view with the answer. For more details about each stage, go back to the descriptions (menu left column).


    Other tests/summaries on Mitosis and Meiosis

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