Colophon Embryology

These webpages on the early animal embryology were primarily created as a support platform to the bio-sciences courses on descriptive embryology of the Radboud University Nijmegen. The presented material originates from various departments of this university, i.e. the Department of Pathological Anatomy for the embryology of the rat and the departments for Biology Teaching and Molecular Physiology of Animals for all other organisms. All views have been acquired, processed and inserted into webpages at the department of General Instrumentation.
The presented material consists of documented microscopical views, which can be utilized as a reference during practical courses and self-study. The content of these pages can also be incorporated in classroom lessons and lectures, provided Copyrights regulation is respected.
The following (former) members of the staff of the Radboud University Nijmegen have been involved in the preparation of these webpages:
  • Scientific input: Dr. F. van Herp (retired associate professor), Dr. S. Kolk (assistant professor) and Prof. Dr. G. Martens (head of department), Department of Molecular Animal Physiology. They are(or were) responsible for the teaching of courses in "Animal Developmental Biology (Embryology)" and "Human embryology".
  • Collection rat embryology: Prof. dr. D.J. (Dirk) Ruiter (head of department) and Mr. P. (Jos) Dederen (senior analist), Department of Pathological Anatomy, have provided access to the unique collection of microscopical slides made in their department, of which some of the rate embryology are shown here.
  • Microscopy, images processing and web layout: Dr. E. S. Pierson (General Instrumentation; Contact and Drs W.L.P. Janssen (General Biology)
  • Web structure: Drs. R. Aalbers (CNCZ)

Special thanks go to Mrs Z. van Meekeren, biology teacher, for her valuable didactical suggestions regarding the part on chicken embryology.

last modified: 1 Apr 2011