Mouse: day 9

On this page stained cross sections of 9-days old embryos of the mouse (Mus musculus) are shown.
Embryology of the mouse - cross sections day 9
Study of these views in combination with the following textbook and figures is recommended:
Atlas of descriptive embryology. Gary C. Schoenwolf. Pearson, Benjamin Cummings eds. ISBN 978-0-13-158560-7
Section at the level of the brain
Plane of section in this 9 days old embryo

Due to the strong bending of the head in this preparation the brain has been sectioned in two regions and a cross section of the tail region is visible as well.
1 = Myencephalon
2 = Anterior cardinal vein
3 = Mandibulary arch
4 = Diencephalon
5 = Neural fold
6 = Section of the uterine wall
7 = Tail region
8 = Head region
embryo of mouse 9 days old
Section at the level of the heart region

Also here, the tail region has been sectioned due to the bending of the embryo.
1 = Neural tube
2 = Aorta arches
3 = Pharynx (= foregut)
4 = Heart
5 = Rectum
6 = Neural folds
7 = Section through the uterus
embryo of mouse; 9 days old
Neural and other tissues.

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