Embryology Sea urchin

This webseries containing microscopical preparations was designed to support the courses on developmental biology of the Biosciences program at the Radboud University. The early embryological stages in sea urchin are illustrated by stained in toto preparations of several embryonic stages.
Poster on the embryology of the sea urchin
Download a full resolution poster (format jpg; 3000 x 4500px; 2 MB)

The following persons have been involved in the production of these webpages: Dr. F. van Herp (Associate professor; Department. of Molecular Animal Physiology), Dr. E. S. Pierson (General Instrumentation) and Drs W.L.P. Janssen (General Biology), all from the Radboud University Nijmegen. Dr. S. Kolk is currently in charge of the advanced course on "Human Embryology & Developmental Biology" at the Science Faculty of Nijmegen.
The Radboud University Nijmegen has all copyrights on the micrographs and other image material, but use of the material and notes is encouraged (please, mention the source).


last modified: 1 Dec 2011