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    Sea urchin: slides

In the viewer here below a series of 14 slides on the early embryology of the sea urchin is presented. This material created at the Radboud University Nijmegen (©) is suited for self-study.
Slide show about the early embryology of the sea urchin
  • Slide 1 Embryology of the sea urchin: title and colofon
  • Slide 2 Unfertilized egg
  • Slide 3 Fertilized egg
  • Slide 4 two-cell stage
  • Slide 5 four-cell stage
  • Slide 6 eight-cell stage
  • Slide 7 sixteen-cell stage
  • Slide 8 32-cell stage
  • Slide 9 Morula stage
  • Slide 10 Blastula
  • Slide 11 Early gastrula
  • Slide 12 Gastrula (continued)
  • Slide 13 Pluteus larva
  • Slide 14 Overview
  • Mouse over the slide number to let the slide be shown in the frame. Click on the slide or on the slide number to let an image of the slide appear in a new window

    last modified: 17 Oct 2013