Hatertse/Overasseltse Fens

Location of the Wijchen, Hatertse and Overasseltse Fens

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South-West of Nijmegen and South-East of the Wijchens Fen,surrounded by Alverna, Wijchen, Nederasselt, overasselt and Heumen, one can find the Hatertse and Overasseltse Fens named: Bavoven, Bosven, Botersnijder, Botersnijder-Zuid, Donderbergven, Gagelven, Heinven, Kersjesven, Ketelven, Langeven, Meeuwenven, Oriolusven, Poelven, Roelofsven, Schietven, Stortven, Talingenven, Uivernest and Worsumsven.

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last modified: 1 Oct 2013