Embryology Mouse

The early period of development of the embryo of the mouse is largely comparable to that of human (see table here below). Therefore, in the study of Bio-Sciences in Nijmegen microscopic series of different developmental stages of the mouse are used to illustrate the early embryonic development of man.
Theiler stages and criteria
Human embryoMouse embryoSomites
Up to 25 daysUp to 9 days (Day 9 mouse)Up to 20
25 to 30 days9 to 11 days (Day 11 mouse)Up to 42
30 to 36 days11 to 13 days (Day 13 mouse)Up to 60

  • EMA atlas of the mouse
  • Free poster on the embryology of the mouse, published by www.interscience.Wiley.com
  • Movie about the embryology of the mouse.
  • English name: mouse, Scientific name: Mus musculus
  • http://www.vcbio.science.ru.nl/en/virtuallessons/embryology/mouse/print/

    last modified: 1 Dec 2011