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palissade parenchyma of a water lily leaf

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1  epidermis
3  air cavity
4  palisade parenchyma
5  chloroplasts
2  stomata

English name: Water lily
Scientific name: Nymphaea sp.
Familia: Nymphaeaceae
Classis: Dicotyledonas
Phylum: Angiospermae
Regnum: Plantae
The floating leaves of water lilies are supplied with more than enough water and light. The numerous stomata are confined to the upper side (directed to the air surface). The stomata are connected with underlying cavities that protrude between the palisade parenchyma cells. The multilayered palisade parenchyma, rich in chloroplasts, is only present at the upper side where light is plenty available.
The chloroplasts are stains artificially in red.

last modified: 5 Jun 2014