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Embryology Amphibians

The views on frog and tadpole this tutorial relate to the normal embryonic development in amphibians. The preparations reported here are studied during practical courses to provide a better understanding of the typical holoblastic (total cleavage mitosis in which the egg is divived into blastomeres) and bilateral cleavage (=two-sided cleavage) that occurs in the early embryonic stages. These preparations involve:
  • Fixed in toto (= whole mount) preparations of the embryonic developmental stages in the tadpole (Xenopus laevis). (More...)
  • A series of microscopical slides (stained sections) of the common frog (formerly Rana esculenta now genus Pelophylax) and the South-African tadpole Xenopus laevis. (More...)

Free poster on the embryonic development in the tadpole
Download this poster in a large format (6937x 6403 pixels, jpg, 3.2 MB)

last modified: 1 Nov 2011