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The image gallery of the Virtual Classroom Biology of the Radboud University Nijmegen contains about 500 printable images and several movies/animations showing microscopic specimen of microorganisms, plants and animals (Note that the Radboud University Nijmegen has all © over this material). It also includes photographs of whole organisms and schematic drawings of life cycles and biological processes (see a few clickable examples in scrollbar below).

      The material presented in the gallery has been created in accordance to the programs of the the Dutch secondary schools and the Bio-sciences studies of the Radboud University Nijmegen. The images/movies have been made especially to help students, pupils, and teachers in preparing practical trainings, school reports and lessons. The images are being foreseen of labels in Dutch and English.
      There is an extensive SEARCH IN GALLERY option to select images according to key words. The page provides connections to other sites on sciences within the university and elsewhere. The pages on give further explanations on microscopic and imaging techniques applied to make the images of the gallery. Authors:
  • Web-development and lamascripts: Remco Aalbers
  • Setup data-base: Wilbert Janssen
  • Microscopy imaging and contact: Liesbeth Pierson
  • Scientific experts image gallery: Dr. J. Derksen, Dr. F. van Herp and Ing. M. Wolters-Arts
  • Micro slides: Carolina Biological Supply Company, Ripon Microslides Laboratory, Dobberthien, Gerard Jeucken

last modified: 13 May 2008