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  • Authors: J. Derksen (teacher), W.L.P. Janssen (original Mercator lesson) en E.S. Pierson (text and imaging)
  • Illustrations and photographs from the Radboud University Nijmegen: J. Derksen, A. Croes, F. Cnudde, F. Honer, D, Hasimu and E.S. Pierson
  • Other sources: Adapted illustrations, from Schaffstein in E. Strasburger, F. Noll, H. Schenk en A.F.W. Schimper. 1971. Lehrbuch der Botanik. G. Fischer. Stuttgart.
  • Other versions (Mercator, Content-e): M. van Herpen, W.L.P. Janssen and Th. den Hollander
  • Lamascripts and web structure: R. Aalbers
  • Contact, requests, criticisms, suggestions: E.S. Pierson (Liesbeth)
  • Copyrights and disclaimer: ©). These conditions are valid for the entire, vcbio domain, including the series on the cellcycle.

last modified: 1 May 2008