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    Telophase I

Locusta migratoriaLilium grandiflorumPetunia hybrida
meiosis: telophase I in Locusta
meiosis: telophase I in Lilium
meiosis: telophase I in Petunia
Telophase I (Gr. telos = end) and the consecutive interphase (interkinesis) do not generally occuring in samples of meiottic divisions. In many organismd these phase are even skipped; this implies that no new nuclear membrane is built around the two nuclei between after anaphase I and that the cell directly proceeds to meiosis II. In other organisms telophase I and interkinesis last very shortly; the chromosome temporarily despiralize and are less visible for a period, while a nuclear membrane is formed around each new nucleus.
What ever the scenario is prefered in this intermediate phase there occurs NEVER doubling of the DNA, not does genetic reshuffling take place, thus also no crossing-over among chomosomes!

last modified: 1 Oct 2011